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Sacred Arts Studio

Healing With  Kellye Houck in Beverly Hills, CA

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Founded by Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Kellye Houck, Sacred Arts Studio originated from Sedona, Arizona, known for its breathtaking landscapes, spiritual community, and energy vortexes, Sacred Arts Studio operates as a sister company of Sacred Arts Sanctuary Metaphysical Center, Located in Beverly Hills, California. Her services are dedicated to harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit connection and is rooted in spirituality without religious affiliation, aiming to empower individuals to discover inner harmony. She emphasizes that the path to spiritual mastery involves introspection and self-awareness. Every service offered is crafted with these principles in mind, designed to support and guide you on your personal journey.

Holistic Healthcare in Beverly Hills offering alternative treatments to mental health.
Massage therapist in Beverly Hills california, Kellye Houck

Kellye Houck

Kellye is a Holistic Practitioner based in Sedona, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. She has been a practitioner for over 15 years and in 2018, she founded Sacred Arts Metaphysics LLC, a revered sanctuary for transformation, embodying her deep commitment to guiding others on their spiritual journeys. Her own profound healing journey led Kellye to master diverse healing modalities. Today, she serves as a transformational coach, energy and sound healer, shamanic practitioner, and meditation teacher. Kellye shares these tools with individuals and groups, offering ongoing inner transformational programs, events, and retreats in Sedona, Arizona.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Spiritual Retreats
Sedona, Arizona

4 Day Retreats Starting at  $2,222

7 Day Retreats Starting at $3,992 

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Opening Hours

Sunday-Saturday: 10am-6pm

By Appointment Only


489 S. Robertson BLVD Suite 103

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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