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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Light Spectrum Shamanism

Reiki Energy Work

Shamanic journeying is a method for harnessing one's spirit-self to uncover valuable insights. During a journey, the practitioner employs guided breathwork, meditation, and relaxation techniques to ease the client into a deep state of awareness known as theta state.

In the theta state, the client remains fully present yet free from the typical mental chatter. This is the state of consciousness we often experience between wakefulness and sleep. In this relaxed state, the practitioner gently guides the client to access hidden parts of their psyche so that they may be rooted out and healed.

Light Spectrum Shamanism™ is a unique form of journeying in that the practitioner acts merely as a facilitator, while the client is empowered to seek resolutions to their questions.

Journey work encompasses a variety of processes, including shadow work, inner child healing, cord cutting, soul retrieval, encounters with spirit guides, exploration of past lives, and more. Our primary goal is to create a safe, comfortable, and empowering environment for our shamanic journey clients.

Light Spectrum Shamanism™

Within Light Spectrum Shamanism™, this practice extends beyond spirituality, making it accessible to individuals from diverse spiritual backgrounds. It's a holistic approach to engage in self-discovery and healing of one's psyche, irrespective of one's spiritual beliefs. This method offers a valuable option for those interested in practicing mindfulness and embarking on a journey toward mental well-being. When used in conjunction with conventional therapy, this service can complement and support alternative avenues for promoting mental health.

This practice may touch in to the following subjects below.


Inner Child healing

Inner child healing is a process where we focus in on early stages in our life and process old memories and imbalances that may have occured during this time. All of our work is done in a gentle way, we allow you to organically go into this space and peacefully observe old memories and work on emotionally clearing out old wounds.

Holding Hands

Shadow Work and Soul Retrieval

When we encounter a painful or traumatic event in our lives, a portion of our energy may fragment and detach from our body leaving that energy lingering in a time or place, or fragmenting inside our body. It does this as a protective response by our subconscious mind, allowing it to process the situation without becoming overwhelmed. In a soul retrieval session, we call back these dispersed fragments of our energy body, enabling our spirit to initiate the process of reintegration and alignment with wholeness once more. This session offers a gentle and supportive practice, equipping you with the essential tools to continue your personal healing journey within yourself.

A girl feeling sad

Deep Emotional Clearing 

Deep emotional clearing is a process of releasing any energetic imbalances that may be blocking your sense of grounding and preventing you from being fully present in the moment. Whatever emotional baggage you are carrying on your shoulders, you will be brought into a theta state using guided imagery meditation with breath work and brought through processes of re-balance and harmony. This practice will provide you with practical tools that can be seamlessly integrated into your everyday life. Cord cutting is a technique designed to sever energetic connections with individuals that the connection may not contribute to your highest good. By severing these energetic connections this allows room to establish healthier energetic bonds with those you cherish, or once cherished. This process helps people who may have felt stuck in a relationshiop and cannot move forward. Or still feel emotions towards a person long after the relationship has ended.

Nature Walk

Past Life Regression

When we encounter events, whether in this lifetime or a previous one, that feel overwhelmingly intense, fragments of our soul may depart from our body, carrying the entirety of the event's impact. This detachment allows our subconscious mind to process the situation without becoming overly burdened. Eventually, it becomes important to call these fragments back into our body, encompassing those from our past lives, in order to address and rectify the imbalance. Past life regression serves as a valuable tool in gaining insight into the points where your spirit has become "stuck" and facilitates the retrieval of that energy, marking the initiation of your healing journey. A lopt of unexplained triggers that are stored in our subconscious may be a result of past life karic issues that you have not resolved.

White Plants


"Kellye is a gentle presence and created a safe and sacred place for me to tap into my higher self. She is an expert guide and her commitment to my well-being was remarkable. I highly recommend a massage or journey with Kellye for anyone that feels a little lost and wants to get back in touch with themselves." -Ahmed B.


About Sacred Arts Sanctuary

Sacred Arts Sanctuary is a metaphysical center that integrates the principles of neo-Taoism and neo-Paganism into our practices. Recognizing the profound connection between the mind, body, and spirit, we offer guidance to individuals on their journey to rediscovering their inherent divine essence.


Our belief is firmly rooted in the idea that each person holds the key to their spiritual mastery, attainable through love, compassion, and self-awareness. Rather than fixating on perceived flaws or shortcomings, we encourage the recognition of one's innate wholeness, which may sometimes be temporarily obscured but never truly forgotten. Achieving spiritual mastery requires a mindful and dedicated approach.


Our sanctuary is dedicated to empowering individuals, allowing them to embrace their spiritual growth and find their own profound connection to the sacred."

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