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Sedona Heart Space Retreats

Sacred Arts Sanctuary is a metaphysical center that embraces the principles of neo-Taoism and neo-Paganism in our practices. With the understanding of the mind, body, and spirit connection, we guide individuals in rediscovering their inherent divine essence.

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We believe that spiritual mastery resides within each individual, accessible through the power of love, compassion, and self-awareness. Rather than focusing on fixing perceived flaws or shortcomings, we encourage the recognition of one's innate wholeness, which may sometimes be temporarily obscured but never truly forgotten. Achieving spiritual mastery requires a mindful and dedicated approach.


With our Heart Space Retreats, we provide you with a range of tools and personalized practices that are tailored to your unique journey. Our aim is to support and enhance your spiritual development, empowering you to become your own healer and master. By facilitating inner work and self-discovery, we place the power back in your hands, enabling you to choose the path of self-mastery.



Through a combination of lifestyle adjustments and mindfulness practices, we guide you in realigning yourself with your true path. Our sanctuary is dedicated to empowering individuals, allowing them to embrace their spiritual growth and find their own profound connection to the sacred. Join us in beautiful Sedona, Arizona and explore what this sacred land and our retreat center has to offer.

The Divine Feminine Healing Approach

The Divine Feminine Healing Approach is dedicated to awakening and embodying the essence of the Divine Feminine. We strive to help individuals understand and embrace the profound meaning behind the concept of the Divine Feminine by designing our retreats around this approach. 

The Divine Feminine represents the nurturing, loving, accepting, calming, and intuitive energy within each of us. It is the Yin energy that flows through our being, encompassing both stillness and wild freedom. In alignment with Traditional Chinese Medicine, we recognize the importance of nurturing and balancing Yin energy alongside our Yang (Divine Masculine) energy. This harmonious balance promotes overall well-being and harmony in our bodies and lives.

Divine Feminine Healing Approach

Throughout many generations, we have predominantly lived in our Yang energy, resulting in high stress, unresolved emotional wounds, and a lack of communal support. Our connection with our Divine Feminine remains unfulfilled, leaving us feeling disconnected from our authentic selves and the natural world.

Through our retreats, we focus on reclaiming and reconnecting with the dormant Divine Feminine energy within, regardless of gender. Our aim is to provide the love and support you need on your personal journey.

We invite you to explore your heart space and embrace the transformative power of the Divine Feminine aspects of yourself.

At Sacred Arts Sanctuary, we are committed to guiding individuals in awakening their Divine Feminine energy, fostering a sense of love, support, and unity within themselves and their connection to the world around them.

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