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Chakra Balancing- Reiki Energy Work

60 Minutes $160

The Chakras represent seven vital energy centers within the body, influencing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. Through a holistic approach integrating Reiki energy healing, guided meditation, sound therapy, aromatherapy, and crystal therapy, this session aims to open, purify, and harmonize your Chakras. By clearing stagnation and blockages, it fosters a more fluid and balanced energetic state, promoting overall well-being and inner harmony.

Energy Healing

Spirit Guides and the Higher Self Connection- Shamanic Journey

60 Minutes $160

Are you pondering questions like 'Who am I?', 'Why am I here?', and 'What is my purpose in life?' If so, this guided imagery Shamanic Journey aims to link you with your higher self and wisdom within you. Our connection to our higher selves is ever-present, subtly guiding us through our inner knowing. With intention you can access knowledge your higher self has connection to to gain wisdom and understanding of your spirit.

This meditation is crafted to align you with your innate intuition, empowering you to access this inner knowing intentionally. Beyond our higher selves, which harbor the wisdom of our spiritual journey, we're supported by 'helpers' from the spiritual world—whether perceived as guardian angels, guides, or mentors. Through this session, you'll forge a connection with your Spirit Guides and tap directly into your higher consciousness, potentially uncovering the answers you seek.

Yoga Nidra- Private Sound Bath

60 Minutes $170 + $35 per additional person

Sound healing has the ability to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. Carefully selected sonic vibrations work in unison to create a soothing and nurturing atmosphere, promoting a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. Through the use of specialized sound frequencies, sound healing can trigger the release of emotional tension and stress. This emotional catharsis can lead to a profound sense of emotional clarity and relief, allowing you to experience a newfound sense of lightness and emotional freedom.

Incorporating sound healing into one's wellness routine can also foster a deeper connection with oneself and a greater understanding of one's inner world. As the sounds envelop and envelop individuals, you can embark on a transformative journey of self-exploration and self-discovery, leading to increased self-awareness and personal growth.

Sound healing has the potential to empower individuals in their healing journey, offering a gentle yet powerful method to promote health and vitality. Whether used with other services or as a standalone modality, sound healing can enrich the mind, body, and spirit with positive energy and well-being.

Shamanic tambourine and Shamanic drum..jpg

Light Spectrum Shamanic Journeying

90 Minutes $260  -  120 Minutes $347  -  In Person and Virtual Sessions Available.

Light Spectrum Shamanic Journeying delves deeply into the heart, the sacred space of your soul's wisdom. Through guided interactive trance work, you will be gently brought into the present moment by attuning to the expansive realm of your heart space. This therapeutic journey serves as a conduit for connecting you with your higher self and spirit, seamlessly integrating breath work, energy work, shamanic journeying, somatic therapy, hypnosis and soul retrieval.

Each journey is tailored to address your unique needs, guiding you on an exploration deep into your subconscious. This holistic approach encompasses various aspects such as resolving triggers and trauma, fostering forgiveness and healing from past wounds, detaching from energy connections, delving into the Akashic records, and potentially facilitating connections with departed loved ones. Grounded in the principles of Shamanic healing, this modality offers a profound and transformative experience, centering around an interactive journey in a gentle trance state, where insights and healing can occur.

Tarot Readings

30 Minutes $115  -  45 Minutes $172  -  60 Minutes $230  In Person and Virtual Sessions Available.

This type of reading offers valuable insight into the questions that have been weighing on your mind. An oracle reading has the potential to illuminate aspects of your inner knowing that you may have been hesitant to fully embrace, providing validation while offering an external perspective on the matter at hand. In addition to shedding light on your own inner knowing, oracle/tarot readings can also offer spiritual guidance from your reader or offer alternative viewpoints, enriching your understanding of the subject in question.

Tarot Card Deck
Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

Crystal Grid Divination Reading

 60 Minutes $195  -  In Person and Virtual Sessions Available.

Specifically Designed by Kellye Houck, this unique reading will help gain clarity on what is happening inside your emotional body, how this influences your reality, and what is needed to move forward in your life to promote balance and harmony in your relationships and spiritual development. This incorporates akashic records reading and spiritual guidance.

Shadow Work- Soul Retrieval

90 Minutes $240  -  In Person and Virtual Sessions Available.

Whenever we experience a painful or traumatic event in our lives, fragments of our energy may leave our body as a coping mechanism our subconscious mind uses, so that it can process the situation without being too overwhelmed. In this soul retrieval session we will call back the fragments of our energy body so our spirit can begin to integrate and align with wholeness again. This session is  a gentle practice that will leave you with the tools you need to continue your own healing journey within yourself.

Skirt in Shadow

Past Life Regression

90 Minutes $240  -  In Person and Virtual Sessions Available.

Throughout our lifetimes, when we encounter profoundly overwhelming events, aspects of our energy may fragment away from our being, holding the full weight of those experiences. This natural process allows our subconscious to navigate the intensity without becoming overwhelmed. However, over time, these fragmented energies, spanning across our current and past lives, may need to be reintegrated into our energy body to restore balance and facilitate healing.

Past life regression offers a opportunity to explore where our spirit may have become "stuck" and enables the retrieval of fragmented energies back into our present energy body. By delving into past life experiences through interactive hypnotherapy, we gain insight into unresolved issues and can initiate the journey toward healing and wholeness.

Breath Work- Deep Emotional Clearing

90 Minutes $240  -  In Person and Virtual Sessions Available.

This transformative session is designed to release any energetic blockages hindering your sense of groundedness, guiding you into the present moment. No matter the weight of emotional baggage you may carry, this session employs guided imagery meditation coupled with breath work to impart techniques for grounding and re-balancing yourself, equipping you with practical tools for daily life.

Holding Hands
Therapy Session

Spiritual Guidance Coaching

60 Minutes $160  -  90 Minutes $240  -  In Person and Virtual Sessions Available.

Are you seeking guidance in your life? Perhaps there's a situation where you seek clarity or a sense of direction. Do you sense there's a calling beyond your current path, or feel you possess untapped spiritual gifts waiting to be nurtured? This intuitive session is tailored to help navigate your aspirations and provide insights into your spiritual journey, addressing the questions that weigh on your mind.

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